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 Set the right tone in your parties. Create an inviting atmosphere for your guests and indulge in meaningful conversations.    


When it comes to parties, you can pick the best venue with the best food but it will somehow be boring if it has a dull atmosphere. Keeping the importance of ambiance and décor in mind, we have created our party collection showcasing chic whites, ivories and gold that can be incorporated with any theme and décor. 

You can use the candles for creating centrepieces, to fill up blank spaces in the area, to add a mesmerizing glow in your pools or for gifting to your loved ones.  

Whites & Ivories  

No more confusions about finding the right decor accessories that will complement any interior decor as our classic whites and ivories will blend in with any theme.   


Add a sheer touch of luxury and sophistication to your parties, events and weddings with these beautiful candles that will turn any venue into a enchanted fairytale palace.