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We Don’t Create Just Candles, We Create Moments… 

Your home should reflect your personal style, from the decor, to the colour theme, to the ambiance. To help define your style, our expert team thrives to innovate new styles and designs that will blend in your home or office. Our 25 years of expert craftsmanship reflects in our products as we continue to master the art of candle making by using only the finest quality german wax blends, infusing each candle with fragrance oils chosen by the most renowned perfumers from global luxury fragrance houses and deploying the cleanest burning Italian cotton wicks, so you get the most beautiful candle burning experience in your home EVERY TIME.  


 Our candles are crafted with the finest german wax blends including a wide range of paraffin wax, soy wax, palm wax and beeswax for the highest quality burns. Each candle type is poured with a unique wax blend for achieving the perfect construction.


 We choose the best wicks from an exclusive variety of more than 200 types of European lead-free cotton wicks including flat or knitted, squared , cored, specialty or dual wicks for a cleaner burn. The wicks are selected on the basis of what each candle, wax 

blend and fragrance type needs. 

Hand Poured in Small Batches

 Each candle is hand-poured by experienced artisans 

for a faultless finish. The colors, fragrance oils and waxes are prepared in small batches to ensure the highest quality pours.

Fragrance Oils

 We create custom blend of fragrance oils for our candles that are not too subtle yet not too overpowering. They are then paired with the right type of custom wax blends and wick for the right scent throw. 


Our candles are not pressed and dipped into colour but contain colour all the way through. Specially crafted colour chips sourced from Europe, ensure that the colour of the candles does not fade even after decades of shelf life.

Anatomy of candles Ebook- Lighthauscandle


7 Mistakes You Should Never Make With Scented Candles

After receiving a lot of questions from candle lovers about how to get the perfect burn from a scented candle, our team decided to come up with a book to guide them so they get the best value from their candles.

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